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Lannister lion for AZ prints
This isn’t completely finished but you get the idea. It’s a different style than the Stark one because honestly I don’t have the energy to do a bunch of things in that style before the con

(Ignore this if you’re not part of the AJCO server)

How many of you have actually managed to get the damned thing working, and how many of you are still having trouble? I realize some of you are asleep by now so I’ll reblog in the morning…

EDIT: Just gonna make a checklist

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Server Switch


Will happen TOMORROW… As I had a wonderful birthday surprise and can no longer be online tonight!

And I still haven’t opened my birthday presents!! Soon!

Since no one has actually made a post about this yet…

The pack we are moving to is FTB HORIZONS

You will also need to install MODULAR POWERSUITS (You need the first two files and the vanilla.recipes file).


Optional, but recommended: Enable Rei’s Minimap from the Edit Modpack tab (or your minimap of choice), and if you don’t mind a bit of lag, install JourneyMap as well for a full world map.

If the game won’t run for you, try these things!

-Force update the pack

-Update Java

-Restart your computer

-Install Optifine

If none of these work, I’m afraid I can’t help you, but there are loads of tutorials and people better with computer stuff than me out there

I’m running this pack on a Mac laptop. Y’all ain’t got no excuse

It’s Springtime again! And you know what that means~
Pollen everywhere
Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman
This is the view from the little condos we stayed at during our vacation! What an incredible place
More photos later!
It’s about time I did some Nimona fanart! It’s pretty much everything I love, all wrapped up in one excellent comic
Quick note on AJCO server etiquette

Because we are a roleplay server, there are a few little points of etiquette that really need to be respected. Unfortunately, quite a few of us seem to have some trouble with this particular one. Myself included.

Please do not interrupt RP. It’s irritating and confusing for those participating. Keep an eye on chat and if RP seems to be starting, kindly shut up. If you need to continue a conversation, perhaps whisper or use Skype (or some other chat).

If you need to ask someone to be quiet, whisper to them. If you don’t know it, the command is

/w playername

If you need to leave and want to say goodbye, that’s alright. One little message in chat isn’t really intrusive or immersion breaking

If you need to go afk, there’s no need to announce it to the server. Place a sign if you’re that concerned about people knowing you’re away

Thank you for being courteous to anyone roleplaying!


silvermender had outstanding credit with me, and (precious boo) she converted it into a favor for a friend. pythosart ’s fursona Frances is the blue-blooded badass my hidden, desiccated lesbian core has always wanted.
Posting this real quick before I leave, but WATCH, I’ll come back and realize there’s like 8 things I forgot.

If I had the energy to cry right now I probably would because this is too perfect for wordsssss
Also I’m just really bad at saying thanks but shh
I’m on vacation
countthelions asked: 2 and 11 (:

2. How do they feel about their appearance?

She has mixed feelings about it. There are a lot of mistakes and regrets attached to her appearance, as pretty much all of her notable features are due to her own actions.

However, she does take some pride in being a monster. There’s a significant intimidation factor in looking the way she does, and she abuses it.

There are times when she’d really like to be normal again, though…

11. How do they feel about physical contact? What are their personal space requirements?

Already answered this one!

plaidyart asked: 3, 22, 27!

3. What would their ideal friend be like? (Have they had any luck finding such a person?)

This isn’t something I’ve actually devoted any thought to, and honestly she probably wouldn’t have either….She kind of forms bonds with people through outside influences and events and remains pretty distant with everyone else.

I suppose what she values most is mutual respect, ability to collaborate, and someone she feels secure showing her vulnerable side to, and who can actually offer some rational input on in return

22. How well do they deal with injuries or ailments?

She’s incredibly resilient by human standards and can survive most injuries at least long enough to gt help. As for emotionally coping with it…she’s probably not the best. She’ll either seek some sort of revenge or be quietly distraught about it, depending on how she got hurt.

She’s also got a (sometimes unhealthy) “I’ll fix it myself” attitude and often won’t seek out help unless she’s pretty much out of options.

27. How much do they care about etiquette, politesse, propriety? Do they have the same standards for themself as for other people?

Frances definitely has different standards for herself vs everyone else. She cares deeply about the manners and etiquette of others, or at least pretends to.

She generally is polite, herself, but that’s often something of a mockery of civility while she’s being horrible.

Sorry for the lack of art lately. Here’s a boring self portrait thing? Am barista
Not pictured: My manager about to yell at me for standing still for more than two seconds